A Broken Collarbone

What would I do without this man?jpost.jpg

Tonight, with his broken collarbone, he is away. And as I am sitting here in bed all alone I am thinking to myself, what I would do without him.jpost2.jpg

He loves the things I knit for him and models them too!


He ALWAYS makes me laugh. I mean come on.


Look at that smile. Who could say no????


And PS this one is going to be just like him, which is fine by me.


And this one looks just like him. It is great. We don’t even need to have kids because the nephews look and act just like him.

I am missing him tonight. Even though that broken collarbone is going to keep me up every night for the next 6 weeks. Ask me how I know. A previous broken rib and broken shoulder. Dull is not a word in our vocabulary.


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