Hospital Visits Are No Fun

So tonight this sweet angel is spending his first night in the hospital since he was born. And I am sending him tons of good ju-ju because I know it is hard. He is not in for anything life threatening, thank goodness, but IV’s are hard. I wish this picture was a little bigger so you could truly see that big blue eyes and that smile—there is nothing like it!


And as he toddled over to towards the door tonight with his long hospital gown and his IV pole it reminded me of someone.


It seems like a lot more than 9 years ago that this one would toddle over with his own IV pole, hospital gown almost tripping him up, as we came through the sliding glass doors in his hospital “suite”.


Yes we know all too well what our friends are going through tonight. Our hearts are aching for them.

I got broken in right from the get go because the first weekend I went home to meet the parents was also my first trip to Scottish Rite to see what their lives were like as they practically lived there for the first 3 years of his life. It was so scary for me at first, those all too frequent hospital visits but they helped make me the person I am and how I view the world and myself for that matter.


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