I Had Forgotten

how much I love to knit. Due to some circumstances out of my control, I had sort of ditched knitting for the last several months. But a road trip, with the help of Nana and J’s favorite toy, landed us at this little shop last weekend. I found a few things that made me want to start knitting again. And all at once, I began to forget the negative forces that had driven me from knitting.

This yarn shop is filled with lots of lovely fibers and a helpful staff. The Nana and I both agreed we have to go back after Christmas being that is it so close by.

Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic and Cascade Yarns Cascade 220—2 of my favorites. And tonight to celebrate my reacquaintance with knitting we have some plain ol’ run of the mill garter stitch.


I dug this book out and started on a project for me


and this for little Miss S. It doesn’t look like much now but in a short time I will have 2 wonderful finished pieces out of 2 wonderful yarns. Now, back to knitting and back into the X Files vault.


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