I think I have not posted in a while because I am unsatisfied with my pictures. I have to remedy that little problem quick. So much has happened since my last post. We did pull out of the Vault of X and we did move. We have had to return to the Vault over the last week since we got a good dusting here on Sunday. My jumping on the bed like a 5 year old suddenly ceased as BOTH of J’s cell phones starting ringing with problems at work which have resulted in 12 hour days for him all week. Maybe we don’t like snow so much after all.

So I am posting because with no photos because my little pink egg that says “Be grateful” is sitting on my desk staring at me and reminding me to do so.

One of my dear friends who taught me everything I know about Judaism and kindness had surgery this week. She is prone to sickness and suffering but always has a smile on her face and she is okay. The pain is sitting at a 7. What is there to do but wait it out? And for those of you who do not know hospital talk, nurses and doctors ask you to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. We have been doing this with the boy for years.

As I made my way out of the hospital, the familiarity of trudging across the covered bridge that leads to the parking deck which is located in most hospitals, came over me in waves. With my knitting bag and coat in tow, I looked at the faces coming and going near me. The expressions of exhausted mothers and wives, anxious doctors, attentive nurses and other hospital staff moving about during shift change surrounded me and flooded me with emotions. The boy’s recent 2 year absence from his hospital has let these memories lapse back into the corners of my brain; chasing down nurses for a grape popsicle instead of a banana flavored one; nights of trying to sleep 3 people, including 1 grown man that is over 6 feet tall, on a mere twin mattress size pull out couch while keeping a “pic” line, an oxygen mask, and a “toe” which measures oxygen saturation in the blood all in tact on the boy. I do love a good run on sentence, don’t you?? Surviving these hards times, unsure of the outcome of some of these visits, has made my family by marriage step back and examine what is important in life. I hate to refer to them as my family by marriage because we are linked, intertwined and completely joined at the hips.

So in summary I am grateful for a successful surgery on one my best good friends, a disease in the boy that we can manage, and all these hospital visits that remind me how good we have it.


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