So we built our new compost pile yesterday. We wanted to start it before we moved but then realized we did not want to move it. It is a little late to be of use for our spring garden but our fall vegetables will thrive from this beautiful pile. The reduction of our trash has been amazing over the last year as I take all recycling to work and now we will be using most all food and paper towel waste for the pile. I found this great website chocked full of information. Of course it has been added to my list of favorites. I would totally volunteer at this farm on the weekends if we lived closer. They seem to have the same mindset of reducing and reusing as we do.

So the ground is still too wet from our 7 inch dusting to till so that will have to wait a couple of weeks. We are so fortunate to have purchased a house with an acre and a half which is plenty of room for the dogs, J’s awesome shop (which was already here when we bought the house), my garden, my greenhouse (which we will build towards the end of the summer) and let’s see–so much more!!

We have so much work ahead of us, inside and outside. J & I are so much alike in the fact that we love to work on a big task and then relax while discussing the project upon its completion.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. This weekend has seen so many completed projects including my first woven scarf, J’s felted clogs, the compost pile and  gauge swatches for handwarmers for me and a new hat for J.


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