I am liking this no pictures thing. I like just sitting down and writing what is on my mind.

I have taken up coffee. After 32 years, I finally gave in. Well little kids don’t drink coffee but you get the picture. I started about a year and a half ago with those frozen/ice cream coffee drinks which I know are not REALLY coffee but the hint of coffee did adjust my taste buds. One of my best good friends who makes the best tiramisu in the world was shocked to find out I did not drink coffee as I was pretty keen on the espresso flavor. He helped me over to the dark side by making me a coffee a month ago at his in home coffee bar. Yes you read right–a coffee bar. J blames him fully for my addiction as he used his own roasted espresso beans, steamed the milk and shaved the chocolate to spoil me.

When we were moving I needed a jolt in the afternoon to help me out at night so I tried mochas with double shots of espresso. Luckily we have an awesome local coffee house with several locations around town who could oblige me. So J turned to me the first night we took a big load over to the new house and said, “Hey, it’s 9:30 and you are awake, wide awake. What’s going on??” So the skinny is that I am an afternoon coffee drinker. And actually the later in the afternoon the better as to help me get through the 6, 7, and 8 o’clock hours. To cut back on the budget here and there and upon the advice of a coffee connoisseur who also happens to be a friend, I graduated 2 weeks ago to lattes with a little Sugar in the Raw added. And now of course J’s favorite phrase from some beer commercial on the radio is, “It’s called a latte because it costs a latte.” I know, I know.

In light of the time change, which is great in the early evening hours, I might need to adjust my coffee clock to the morning.


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