Rainy Days

So it has been raining here for 36 hours straight and my boys (especially the Snowman) are ready to go out and play. How do you explain to a dog that it is too muddy and cold to play ball? The Snowman loves all forms of H2O and could certainly care less about being muddy. I really need the rain to stop so we can start tilling for the garden. As a farmer’s child, I should not even udder the words “rain” and “stop” in the same sentence but we are going to have to get the garden going soon.

So I started fingerless mittens and I did not like the pattern so I found these today and lo and behold I was going to use the yarn it called for anyway so perfecto. I plan to swatch tonight even though I have a good idea what needle size I need since I use this yarn often and it rocks!

And to close on this wet Monday, we will lay my mom’s dog to rest this week and I do believe all dogs will be waiting for you when you take your last breath so I am trying to give her comfort with that thought. But it is never easy to say goodbye…….


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