Well it seems summer is upon us. The only saving grace we have is the constant rain to help cool things a bit here and there.

I  knit 5 hats in April, 4 being colorwork. I still have one on the needles but I am not loving it so it might get frogged. Pictures to follow. Yes I know I keep promising.

The last 3 weeks have been busy ones what with grieving friends, loss, and a lawnmower accident that ended on a positive note (big sigh of relief). In all this madness, one friend shared with us all this wonderful poem at a memorial service. I have been rereading it a good bit lately.

The sewing table was set up yesterday and as a result I have 2 new blouses and 2 new skirts. More new fabric to be washed and cut tonight! Oh dear, I just typed an exclamation point didn’t I?

I will leave you with this~~the baby boy’s first bike. I am told he sleeps with it by his bed with his hand on it. Oh my.



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