My J Boots

My J Boots, originally uploaded by knittinghen.

This one is little J–no doubt. He loves to take things apart and put them back together and he is always right at J’s side.

We have this same picture of the boy when he was this age—almost to the day. However, the boy’s photo was taken before I knew J so it was blurred and no one bothered to take 2 so I do not have a clear one to post which is unfortunate. He is in his jammies, too wearing the same style boots, but not the same pair . We have to buy J a new pair of the same boots every few years because he refuses to change styles and wears each pair until they have holes with toes and skin poking through. And yes these are nice leather boots.

It is quite profound to me that both of our nephews favor J so strongly in different ways and both were drawn, around the same age, to put on these boots to create their own footprints down the J path; a path that has been cleared by the strongest male in both of their lives and one they will return to often.

For me, it is nice that most aspects of my life with J never change. We have a slow consistent rhythm that we fell into years ago much like that of a bee humming along, pollinating and then making its way back to the hive or the moon lassoing the tides back out the ocean and then releasing them to the shore.


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