A Little of This and That

So here’s my first quilt in the process of getting pieced together:


Of course the fabric came from Dragonfly Quilt Shop. It is a Moda Charm Pack and the fabric is from the Recess line. 42 sqaures are included so I got 2. I LOVE THEM. After the first “tester” quilt, I might make a second one for Miss S.

So I turned the squares into a series of these


with the help of purlbee, who else!! J got my new sewing table set up finally. It’s actually an old farm table and is big enough for my cutting mat, sewing machine and lots of wonderful fabric.


I feel so lucky to have Washington Farms near where we live. Their produce is wonderful. I got a ton of strawberries put up for my daily smoothies in the winter when the ones in the grocery stores aren’t looking so good.


There’s just something not right about this mower. I just can’t figure it out. Is it the weird bicycle looking handles or the way the grass shoots out of the back? J acquired this mower for the Bucket and was giving it a test run. It really made me giggle.


And finally these little beauties will be part of my badly needed Etsy shop update which I will try to do sometime tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.



One response to “A Little of This and That

  1. That quilt is going to be gorgeous! I love that fabric!!

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