So when J and I first met, we used to call each other Wormy and Germy. I called him Wormy because he was so skinny and he called me Germy because, well, I had a few issues with germs. I probably needed a little germ necklace like Puddy on Seinfeld. But oh how the times have changed. In fact Wormy should actually be my new nickname.


With the help of Gayla Trail and her awesome blog and book, I have created my own subterranean worm world. I was super worried about finding some red worms or Eisenia foetida but luckily J knew a little spot about 3 seconds from our house. It is one of those true southern beer and bait joints and sure enough they had just what I needed.


So I dug around in the “Nascar Shop”, as we so fondly refer to J’s shop and found the perfect bin for my new worms. So I drilled the holes just as my new trusty favorite book instructed and we were ready to go.


Preparation was fairly simple. I cut up a newspaper into strips and then fluffed the strips to avoid them sticking together.


Then I moistened the strips with a spray bottle and continued to fluff. I added my boys to a corner and them seemed happy to spread out and get covered with the wet newspaper. I am sorry I have no photo of them but they strongly dislike light so I put them to bed. They will get a real meal of fruit and veggies tomorrow and in a month or so they provide me with some rich worm poo for my garden. Tomorrow will be more work in the garden and some pictures of our progress.

Quote of the day: And when I hurt, hurtin’ runs off my shoulders. How can I hurt when holding you?

-Neil Diamond


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