Holding Hands

So ALL of my worms crawled of their moist, newspapery bin and died. I wish I was joking. And most of them decided to escape and dry up the day after we had to put Max down so it was not pretty. But these beauties did make it a little better.



So after picking them, regrouping on the thoughts of abandoning the vermiposter and then searching around on my favorite new website, I decided to give the worms another go this coming up weekend after I make some adjustments to their living quarters.

And of course how could I not feel better after an hour of holding hands with my boy? He could do it for hours if I could hold my leg up that long.


Quote of the Day: My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.  ~Edith Wharton


One response to “Holding Hands

  1. Ta da!! Summer tomatoes! Steve-o will be at your house for sandwiches soon!

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