A Productive Day Indeed

Okay so after my little rant about sewing, I got a triple shot of espresso in my latte, pulled up my big girl pants and got to work. And the completed results are:

3 Headscarves

1 Shirt

3 napkins

The cut-out and ready to sew results are:

2 more shirts

2 baby blankets

Pictures to come this afternoon but wait my day late Monday find!! This website is having a killer sale on yarn! Go there NOW and load up!! I am so glad I found her!

And since I am in a fabric mood with none of my own pictures to post, I will post this magnificent tree and her surroundings. This installation was done by my favorites artists, Guerra de la Paz. I wish I had this tree here in my office to look at each day.


It is Eden from 2003 and appropriately named in my opinion. Great work guys.

Quote of the Day: All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. ~Eckhart Tolle


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