On My Mind

Tonight there are so many things on my mind:

Baby Owen and how I wish he was here and not in heaven. Sorry. I’m a selfish human.

My father in law and how glad I am that his surgery went well today.

The rain and how glad I am to see it come and stay for a while.

Watermelons and how they are in season back home.

Baby ducks and how I am grateful for J’s job but I wish we could just have a few to raise like I did when I was a kid.

Rowdy and how I am so glad we got him over a year ago.

Max and how I am so glad J got him 13.5 years ago even though putting him down hurt like hell.

Little Schwartz and how Delaware feels like light years away rather than just several hours.

Bees and how their existence causes so many things to grow and thrive.

My grandmother and how I am so grateful she passed on her love for cooking and hand crafts to me through nurture and nature.

And of course those 5 angels, my nieces and nephews, and how my life would not be the same without their smiles.


And since I haven’t uploaded any of my pictures of my sewing progress, I will leave you with yet another fabo work of Guerra de la Paz , Six Thai Trannies, 2008.

Quote of the Day: How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world. ~Elton John, Your Song.


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  1. Love you

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