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Rooster Mug

Rooster Mug, originally uploaded by knittinghen.

Well Uncle J has turned out to be quite the coffee barista around our house. So when I found this on Etsy, I HAD to have it. This seller rocks!!


New Blog

Okay I know I have been gone for a while. I took a little vaca up to Ohio to see my good friend, Step and I am back with a ton of FABO fabric to show you . And no I did not take my camera so no great pictures from the Ohio State Fair (why am I still having camera issues??) but I promise to post all my goodies and a little dedication to my favorite color right now.

But first (and I am a little late with this) go to this blog NOW! My good friend, DGar, has started a blog and it rocks. And she LOVES it when people ask her questions too. So go quick–hurry!! She is a wealth of beauty knowledge.

Late Monday Finds

Okay so I am way late on the Monday find. I was off work on Monday and it has been a crazy week. I am slowly but surely completing some projects but work gets in the way.

So my Monday find for this week is–drum roll—the following blogs that I am enjoying right now. These blogs give me a little boost in the creativity department when I need it! Hurry–check all these out—they rock.

I will leave you with yet another picture of the GDLP guys. Sorry, but they are just the best.



Quote of the Day: I only think of you on two occasions, that’s day and night. I’d go for broke if I could be with you. Only you can make it right. ~Babyface

On My Mind

Tonight there are so many things on my mind:

Baby Owen and how I wish he was here and not in heaven. Sorry. I’m a selfish human.

My father in law and how glad I am that his surgery went well today.

The rain and how glad I am to see it come and stay for a while.

Watermelons and how they are in season back home.

Baby ducks and how I am grateful for J’s job but I wish we could just have a few to raise like I did when I was a kid.

Rowdy and how I am so glad we got him over a year ago.

Max and how I am so glad J got him 13.5 years ago even though putting him down hurt like hell.

Little Schwartz and how Delaware feels like light years away rather than just several hours.

Bees and how their existence causes so many things to grow and thrive.

My grandmother and how I am so grateful she passed on her love for cooking and hand crafts to me through nurture and nature.

And of course those 5 angels, my nieces and nephews, and how my life would not be the same without their smiles.


And since I haven’t uploaded any of my pictures of my sewing progress, I will leave you with yet another fabo work of Guerra de la Paz , Six Thai Trannies, 2008.

Quote of the Day: How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world. ~Elton John, Your Song.

A Productive Day Indeed

Okay so after my little rant about sewing, I got a triple shot of espresso in my latte, pulled up my big girl pants and got to work. And the completed results are:

3 Headscarves

1 Shirt

3 napkins

The cut-out and ready to sew results are:

2 more shirts

2 baby blankets

Pictures to come this afternoon but wait my day late Monday find!! This website is having a killer sale on yarn! Go there NOW and load up!! I am so glad I found her!

And since I am in a fabric mood with none of my own pictures to post, I will post this magnificent tree and her surroundings. This installation was done by my favorites artists, Guerra de la Paz. I wish I had this tree here in my office to look at each day.


It is Eden from 2003 and appropriately named in my opinion. Great work guys.

Quote of the Day: All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. ~Eckhart Tolle

Thoughts on Sewing

Well first let me say that sewing has not come nearly as natural to me as knitting did. It should because my paternal grandmother, who passed all her other domestic traits on to me, is a wonderful seamstress. I mean back in the day she made a few wedding dresses for people in my hometown. But sewing and I are having to grow on each other and some moments between us have not been pretty.

Lessons learned by me:

Item #1: I need to sew in the morning when I am fresh which really hinders me at times since I have a job that requires me to leave and go to an office around 7:30am.

Item #2: There are several young women around my age out there writing patterns for gals with no bust. I have conferred with other sewers and they assure me they are having the same problem and it is the pattern, not me. I will try not to list these said pattern writers as I am trying to be cordial but I cannot promise that I will not in future posts as one of them in particular has cost me a lot of money on fabric as I am trying to make a certain shirt from one of her patterns and now I just keep trying out of sheer spite and determination. I do love a good run on sentence, don’t you? Anyway, I should give up, write her off and move on to someone who realizes that most women have boobs and not the chest of a 12 year old boy.

Item #3: Using a nice inexpensive cotton muslin for the first go ’round of making a garment saves money. Hence, all the huffing and puffing from #2 that could have been avoided.

Item #4: They tell you to cut straight lines precisely when you are quilting for a reason. But it is my first quilt top and I am learning from this website and these books so I am cutting myself a little slack in that department. So without further bitching here it is:


I used 2 Moda Charm Packs (can’t remember the name–sorry) from favorite local quilting store, Dragonfly, of course and then a nice cotton that I had stashed. I used the Triangle Tutorial from PurlBee. Thanks to all of you who helped make this quilt possible, whether you realized it or not!

The quilt top came out to be baby size. So as soon as my new walking foot arrives, I will tackle the binding and the backing. More to come.

Quote of the Day: Measure twice, cut once. ~Anonymous

Monday Blues & Find of the Week

There is nothing that can make Monday blues worse than your co-worker being gone. Meaning, you must be yourself and him all week. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my co-worker and I am glad he is on vacation with his wife. They deserve it. So what did I do? I turned on MJ and sang and played clips from the BET Awards that we missed last night.  And that helped a lot but this little jewel arriving in the morning mail did the trick.


What is it, you ask? A Pincushion Ring from the Etsy seller, Art Nest. And it is dang cute. I am sorry I didn’t think of this but I sure am glad this smart chick did. It is made of 2 of my favorite things—felt and fabric. ATTENTION SEWERS: run, hurry, click and get one. It is a cute accessory and a useful one at that. I wish I could justify buying 3 more.


So in the true spirit of persevering against those Monday blues, I am going to start posting a Find of the Week on Mondays. I think this little ring is a nice start. And it gets me in the mood to tackle some much needed sewing for me, Miss S and all these unborn babies that my friends are expecting.

Quote of the Day: “There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.” ~Deepak Chopra